Maintenance Checklist

26-Point Preventive Maintenance Procedure

If your heating and cooling system is just not up to the Tampa climate anymore, you may be about ready to pay for a brand new one – but don’t worry…there is another option you can try to perhaps provide you with some more use from your current system! Try a tune-up before you decide to replace. It could save you thousands of dollars!

But not just an ordinary tune-up — a complete system rejuvenation. Let One Stop in Tampa do a thorough cleaning and maintenance check of your system – you could get more time from it and save money on utility bills!

The checklist below outlines everything our technicians do to make sure you get the best value possible for your dollar.

Indoor Unit Service


  1. Measure and record return and supply air temperatures
  2. Clean accessible return air grilles
  3. Check and record blower motor amperage
  4. Check air filter (replace if customer supplies)
  5. Inspect all wiring in the unit
  6. Secure all wiring connections
  7. Check evaporator coil condition
  8. Check drain pan condition
  9. Check cabinet interior condition
  10. Check and record electric heat amperage
  11. Pull blower housing, inspect heater and supply plenum
  12. Rinse evaporator with self-rinse cleaner in place
  13. Clean condensate line with nitrogen and vacuum
  14. Check float switch operation if available
  15. Wipe clean exterior of cabinet

Outdoor Unit Service


  1. Check and record amperage on compressor
  2. Check and record amperage on fan motor
  3. Check and record contactor condition and volt drop
  4. Check and record run capacitor reading under load
  5. Check and record refrigerant charge, Subcool and Superheat
  6. Check defrost operation
  7. Remove all debris  from interior of outdoor unit
  8. Inspect all wiring in the unit
  9. Secure all electrical connections
  10. Rinse outdoor coil
  11. Re-check return and supply air temperatures
Cert Technitian

Our Certified Technicians are The Best!

Here are the facts on how NATE certification benefits you.

Our company employs skilled, knowledgeable heating and cooling professionals certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence). NATE is the nation’s largest industry-endorsed nonprofit organization.

To achieve NATE certification, technicians must pass exams that test their knowledge of installation, maintenance, and service of heating and cooling equipment. Completing this rigorous certification process demonstrates that they are able to ensure satisfaction with your home comfort system.


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