Saving Money on Heating and Air Conditioning With Climate-Controlled Areas for Pets

Saving Money on Heating and Air Conditioning With Climate-Controlled Areas for Pets

Pet owners want to keep their pets in comfort throughout the day — but that can also mean keeping the entirety of their home heated or cooled. When it comes to hot areas such as Tampa, the utility bills can add up. Luckily there are options for heating and air conditioning in Tampa that can be more environmentally-friendly while still being pet-friendly.

Climate-Controlled Dog Houses

A pet doesn’t have to be permanently relegated to a dog house (or cat house) to make it an effective way of improving their comfort. Many pet owners allow their pets to enter their yard and house freely throughout the day, through the use of pet doors. A climate-controlled pet house gives them a comfortable and safe retreat while still allowing them access to the home if they want. These pet houses are particularly useful for pets who may enjoy being outside even when it is dangerously hot or cold. Climate-controlled pet houses can be made by attaching a climate-control unit to any existing pet house.

Climate-Controlled Rooms

Pet owners can also choose a room in their home to keep climate-controlled. These rooms are generally attached to the rest of the home with a pet door that the animal can go in and out of, allowing them to retreat to the comfort of their climate-controlled room as needed. Climate-controlled rooms are governed through the use of a small space heater or air conditioner, which is programmed to kick-in as desired. Though space heaters and air conditioners are not as efficient as a heating and air conditioning system, they are less costly than heating and cooling the entire home.

Climate-Controlled Basements

In Central Florida, there are still some homes with basements. Basements are generally considered to be the best area to climate-control for a pet because they are naturally insulated. Though very few homes in Florida have a basement, those that do can use them for this purpose.

Climate controlling a very small portion of a home is almost always beneficial compared to heating and cooling an entire house — especially in an area such as Tampa where it’s unlikely that the temperatures will reach extremes enough to damage the structure of the property. A heating and cooling expert can give homeowners more information about their options.


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