There is a “Correct” Setting for an Air Conditioning Unit

There is a “Correct” Setting for an Air Conditioning Unit

Tampa winters can get extremely cold on certain days although they are known for being rather temperate in comparison to the rest of the country. Often on these coldest days residents may find themselves setting their HVAC units to temperatures up in the eighties. On the other end of the spectrum, in the summer it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach and hold fast in the high nineties. It is not uncommon for people to go to the other extreme and drop their thermostats down to the sixties during these days. Either extreme should not be necessary if the HVAC unit is running correctly and the home is insulated well. In fact these extremes may be harmful to the unit, because there is a scientifically “correct” setting to keep an HVAC unit at.

What is this Magic Number?

According to the Building Science Corporation the ideal indoor temperature to keep the most amount of people comfortable year round is 68 F – 75 °F. This does not mean the setting on the HVAC unit should be in this range, it means that the goal temperature is within this 7 degree range.

According to Consumer Reports and Energy Star ratings, the ideal temperature for keeping cool is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This will likely come as a shock to those who argue for settings much lower, but the report goes further to add that it should be set at 85 when the home is empty and 82 for sleeping! These numbers are likely not what was expected but they are the factory/energy recommendations. It is also recommended that homeowners turn on ceiling fans to circulate the air because it will keep it cooler with less energy consumption. The best thermostat setting for comfortable stable heating, according to the U.S.. Department of energy is 68 degrees when everyone is home and active, and 56 degrees during inactive times. If a homeowner finds that they are having to run their HVAC unit at much lower or higher temperatures just to be comfortable, it may be time for a unit check up or an insulation update.

Heating and air conditioning in Tampa can become costly if the unit is fighting to keep the home super cool in the summer and extra toasty in the winter. A comfortable range of temperatures during all season veers away from the extreme and a great HVAC unit should be able to keep up with moderate temperature demands.


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