Troubleshooting Common Issues With In Window Air Conditioners

Troubleshooting Common Issues With In Window Air Conditioners

AC units need to be maintained and repaired just like traditional HVAC systems. In fact, they tend to experience additional issues because they have a generally shorter lifespan. But most of the common issues with in window air conditioners are fairly easy to fix, especially with the help of a qualified technician.

Strange Odors Within the Machine

Strange odors generally mean that the AC unit has to be cleaned out. These odors often occur when mildew and mold have grown within the unit, usually because of high humidity or a leak. Older filters may also need to be changed and the grill may need to be cleaned. Most professionals suggest an annual cleaning of a window unit to avoid issues. As mold grows, it can both interfere with the machine’s operations and damage air quality within a home.

Thermostat Issues

If the air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to be activating when it should, the issue could be the thermostat. This is usually fairly easy to diagnose by the owner: the owner can simply review the thermostat reading on the device itself to determine whether or not it’s accurate. The thermostat of an AC unit is usually fairly easy to replace.

Insufficient Venting

Air conditioners have to be able to vent warm air in order to properly cool a home. Over time, air conditioners can have their vents blocked off, which eventually leads to the air conditioner becoming less effective. If an AC unit has begun running more frequently, is costing more money, or isn’t working as effectively, the back vents of the AC unit should be inspected and cleaned out.

Failure to Cool

Some AC units may stop cooling entirely — though the air is blowing, it doesn’t feel cold. This is generally a problem with either the condenser unit or coil. In this situation, the part usually has to be replaced. Depending on the unit itself, the cost to repair it could potentially be greater than the cost of replacing it with a more efficient unit.

An air conditioning service in Tampa can inspect an AC unit and diagnose it in order to determine whether it is worth repairing. As with other appliances, regular maintenance and inspections can prevent the premature breakdown of in-window AC units.


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