How to Get an Air Conditioning Unit Ready For Spring And/or Summer

How to Get an Air Conditioning Unit Ready For Spring And/or Summer

Air conditioning units often remain dormant for large amounts of time throughout the winter. This is of course unless a person lives in the South where AC is still needed even in December or January. Nevertheless, no matter if an air conditioning unit is well used during the winter or hardly ever touched, the changing of the seasons marks a great time to have a unit serviced. Therefore, getting air conditioning service in Tampa before Spring and Summer is advisable.

Getting Air Conditioner Ready For Spring/Summer:

Get The Professionals on The Job:

Although homeowners can complete some of the suggestions listed on their own, it’s wise to have the professionals examine and clean an AC unit. The professionals know what to look for in regards to the overall condition of a unit. They also clean the unit when servicing it, ensuring it is working to its optimal ability. Typically, the professionals will also inspect the condition of the concrete slab under the unit as well as checking ducts for leaks among other important tasks.

Change Out Filters:

The air filters in a home can have a great impact on how well an air conditioning unit works. Filters that are full of dust and dirt can cause a unit to work harder in order to cool a house. Therefore, it’s wise for homeowners to set a schedule to change their filters out regularly. If they purchase filters that last for months, season change can be a great reminder it’s time for a new filter.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat:

Getting an air conditioning unit ready for a season change presents a good opportunity to upgrade the thermostat.  This will save them significant money by altering how much the unit is running. For example, when homeowners aren’t home, the unit is set to allow the inside temperature to increase. Then, when programmed to do so, the thermostat will ensure the house is nice and cool when homeowners are set to return.

No homeowner wants their unit to work harder than it has to in order to complete its job successfully. Thankfully, by following the suggestions listed above, homeowners can ensure their unit is clean and in proper working order just in time for Spring and/or Summer.  By doing so, an air conditioning unit will work more efficiently and will even last longer.


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