4 Tips on Preventing Pollen in a Home

4 Tips on Preventing Pollen in a Home

Spring has sprung in Tampa, and air conditioning service experts are putting the annual word out on pollen. While the season tends to bring with it lush natural aesthetics and fresh, varied greenery, that sort of thing tends to come with a great deal of pollen. That might not seem like the most groundbreaking news for most people, but it’s certainly a point of consideration for those who experience pollen allergies. Pollen, despite being an integral player in the Earth’s natural cycle, spells a small doom for those allergic to it when a significant amount of it makes its way into a home. Thankfully, there are a few measures homeowners can take to reduce the amount of pollen inside a home.

Changing the Filters

Changing a home’s air filters is a fundamental step in HVAC maintenance, and for good reason. Ensuring that the air filters operate as smoothly as possible reduces the spread of all assortments of particles within a home, including pollen. It’s recommended that homeowners change their air filter once every 3-6 months. During high-pollen times, it’s best to switch the filter as often as feasible. Homeowners should write the installation date right on the air filter itself in order to keep track of when to change it.

Hang Jackets Near the Door

During springtime, a person’s clothes can pick up a decent amount of pollen while walking outside. If the weather allows it (without resulting in an inordinate amount of perspiration), homeowners should walk outside wearing a light jacket. This will shield the clothing from any pollen that gets picked up in the wind, instead finding itself attached to the jacket. The homeowner should then leave this exterior layer of clothing at the door so as not to allow the pollen to spread indoors.

Shoes, Too

Those who experience pollen allergies who also tend to walk around the house in their shoes should consider leaving them at the door. Pollen, once it’s done drifting in the wind, tends to loaf over the asphalt or on grass, waiting to be picked up under a person’s shoes. Removing the shoes inside a bedroom will track a significant amount of pollen inside the home. It’s best to avoid all that by tapping the shoes before coming in and leaving them in the entryway.


Despite the measures that homeowners take to prevent pollen from entering the home, chances are it will find its way inside eventually. When it does, the best way to pick it up and get rid of it is through vacuuming. Regular vacuuming will keep pollen levels – and therefore allergy levels – to a minimum. Make sure all floor areas, furniture, and curtains are covered, and remember to clean the filter and air bag regularly.

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