Strategies to Maintain a Clean Home With a Dog

Strategies to Maintain a Clean Home With a Dog

When you have a dog, he or she is a part of your family, but they can also make it a little more difficult to keep your home clean and sparkling. However, with the right methods, you will find that not only can you keep your home clean with your dog, but that it is also not that difficult. With a professional for air conditioning replacement, Tampa residents can get help with the biggest part of having a clean home with man’s best friend.


Make Sure to Groom Your Pet on a Regular Basis


Getting rid of the excess fur on your dog means that it is not going to be found sticking to the surfaces throughout your home. You should have a professional groomer do it because they know what needs to be done to ensure that your dog is properly groomed. They will also do it in a way that makes sure that your dog still looks good and is comfortable during the grooming process.


Get a Better Vacuum


While any vacuum will be beneficial, for the most intensive cleaning, you want to get a vacuum that has a HEPA filter in it. This will not only help to pick up the dog hair, but it can also eradicate a lot of the dander that your pet might leave around the house. Depending on how much your pet sheds, you will want to vacuum one to two times per week to keep up with it. You can vacuum your carpeting and your upholstered furniture.


About once a year, you might consider using a steam cleaner on your carpeting and upholstery. You can choose to rent a machine and do it yourself if you are on a strict budget. However, there are companies who can tackle this for you and it usually only takes about a day to get it all done.


Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned


Dog fur and dander can easily get into your air ducts and sit. When the air comes on, this is pushed back out into your home. So, when you have a professional tackle this job, you can rest assured that the amount of fur and dander in your home is significantly reduced.


You can see that with the right cleaning methods, it is easy to keep your focus on enjoying time with your dog. The ductwork cleaning is one of the biggest and most important tasks, and you can easily have this done by a professional who works with air conditioning replacement in Tampa. You might also consider a professional to keep your dog groomed. The other tasks are ones that you can handle on your own.

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