The Latest Technologies in Air Conditioning

The Latest Technologies in Air Conditioning

Tampa summers get uncomfortably hot with temperatures exceeding the lower 90s a great deal of the time, sometimes even over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid being miserable during the summer, it is basically a necessity to have an air conditioning system that works optimally, which may require upgrading to a system to include the latest technologies. Although it does not seem like a lot could change in cooling a home, technology has improved the process in many ways.

More Efficiency
Generally, a system lasts for over a decade without needing to be completely replaced. However, it does not keep up with the latest changes in how energy efficient the unit is. Upgrading to a more efficient air conditioning replacement in Tampa means lower energy expenses. It also means a person is doing their share to help protect the fragile environment that is seeing the effects of how much people use energy.

Geothermal Systems

A geothermal system uses cool temperature that come from underground instead of using the hot air from outside. These systems are the most energy efficient systems available.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

A ductless mini-split air conditioning system does not just move the cool air around the house like a central air conditioning system. They cool the air in each room of the house individually, which makes each room more comfortable. They mount on a wall or ceiling and are ideal for cooling a garage or a room addition.

Colder Air

As an air conditioning system ages, it does not work as well. A person does not feel as comfortable and may need to run the unit at a lower temperature to feel comfortable. A newer system will provide colder air that cools the room to a desired temperature.
More Control

Systems that are over a decade old and have not had the temperature control are missing out on many features that allow a person to have more control. Today, a person is now able to change the temperature in the house on a schedule, even when they are not home. This reduces energy costs tremendously. It also ensures the person comes home to a cool house, even after a long day at work. With today’s technology, a person may even control temperature in their home through an application on their phone.


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