Is a Bigger Air Conditioner More Efficient and Effective?

Is a Bigger Air Conditioner More Efficient and Effective?

Almost nine out of 10 new homes have central air conditioning systems. Many of the remaining residences contain window or wall units. All of this equipment eventually needs to be replaced. When Floridians purchase new air conditioners, they often consider buying bigger units. These A/C systems have the ability to cool more air. However, they don’t always provide the most efficient or effective solution.

Energy Efficiency

An unnecessarily large air conditioner will consume energy wastefully. This happens because it starts and stops more often. The equipment draws the greatest amount of power when it switches on. Bigger A/C units also need more electricity to start than smaller models. Frequent starts and stops may create more bothersome noise as well.

Centralized systems generally operate more efficiently than window units. This is especially true if the equipment is ductless or has well-sealed ducts. To keep energy costs low, residents must remember to adjust thermostats before leaving home. Central A/C systems are also typically safer and less prone to theft.

Comfort Level

A big, powerful air conditioner will enhance comfort in a large home. However, it can do the opposite in a smaller house. This happens because the system doesn’t have enough time to dehumidify air before it achieves the desired temperature. High humidity levels cause people to feel much less comfortable.

Some Florida residents try to solve this problem by using dehumidifiers. This improves comfort but raises electricity bills. A dehumidifier doesn’t only draw power; it also generates heat. This forces the A/C system to work harder and consume additional energy. It’s far more efficient to install an air conditioner of the appropriate size.

Other Benefits

Relatively small A/C units offer a number of advantages. They’re less expensive to buy and install. Technicians can transport them to homes or businesses with greater ease. Such equipment is less likely to demand major electrical upgrades. Homeowners don’t need to purchase as much insurance to protect the value of smaller systems.

Nevertheless, a compact A/C model may not have enough power to keep people cool on hot summer days in Florida. The most effective and efficient option is a properly sized air conditioner, not a large or small unit. When people need air conditioning replacement in Tampa, they can benefit from consulting with A/C experts. Technicians carefully evaluate building designs and locations before suggesting a suitable size.

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