4 Reasons to Schedule Springtime Air Conditioning Maintenance

4 Reasons to Schedule Springtime Air Conditioning Maintenance

Reducing Energy Bills

It’s commonly known among Tampa air conditioning replacement experts that bi-annual tune ups go a long way in keeping an air conditioning unit up-to-date, thus keeping the utility bills under control. Generally speaking, the smoother an air conditioning machine is working, the more reliable its cool air will be, and the monthly bills it produces will be easier to manage.

Avoiding Serious Repairs

It’s better to have an AC unit maintained routinely rather than having to call a trained professional into the home only after a major malfunction occurs. Since air conditioning units tend to activate in spring after several months without use, there’s a chance that certain components won’t be functioning as optimally as they could be. Since homeowners rely quite heavily on the cool air from their AC unit in the springtime, it’s important to avoid the risk of losing function of their unit for a significant period of time in the future. Besides, it’s much more costly to have an AC repaired than it is to have it maintained. Air conditioning service experts are trained in the art of the C tune-up, and will ensure that any foreseeable problems are caught immediately and effectively prevented.

Extending the Life of the Unit

A little known fact: bi-annual maintenance can actually expand the lifespan of an AC unit by 30-50%. So, if a standard AC unit is estimated to last 15 years, it can actually last 20 if the proper care measures have been taken throughout its lifespan. Conversely, if the homeowner neglects the care of their AC unit, they could lose total function of their machine before it reaches its tenth year. Not only does maintenance extend the life of the unit, but it also vastly improves its efficiency. In all cases, it’s best to have the unit checked each spring in order to keep it running optimally and reliably for several years to come.


It’s possible that the AC unit manufacturer will void warranties associated to the system if it can be proven that it hasn’t been regularly maintained. Warranty provisions are directly related to maintenance breakdown. Aside from changing the unit’s filters every one to three months, homeowners should make a point of keeping records of regular professional maintenance in case the manufacturer will need the information for warranty purposes. Additionally, the warranter can potentially be voided if the unit was not properly installed, if third-party parts were used in a repair, of if the warranty was never even registered in the first place. Having the unit checked every springtime and keeping records of all inspections will prove extremely valuable if or when it comes time to collect on a warranty.

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