Determining Need for Air Conditioning Repair in Tampa

Determining Need for Air Conditioning Repair in Tampa

Customers seeking air conditioning repair in Tampa might wonder if they would be better off replacing the unit. Certified professionals use a variety of test protocol to determine what course of maintenance action is necessary.

Factors that determine the repair-versus-replacement of an HVAC system include as follows:

  • The age of equipment and parts
  • Number of system operating hours
  • Amount of energy used during operation
  • Anticipated length of home (or business) residence

When repair is still feasible, it is said that spending about $400 on a repair is the equivalent of $4,000 over a 10-year period. A numeric rating system based on the number of years, frequency of equipment usage, and amount of energy often is applied when deciding on the condition of an HVAC system.

When calculating a repair-versus-replacement rating, a number rating is assigned to each aspect of maintenance. For instance, equipment that has been used for five years or less would be given a rating of “0” while one 15 years of age or more would be assigned an “18.” The number representing the estimated age of a unit is then added to the number assigned to the duration of time when the equipment used. These two numbers are then added to the numeric rating that represents the anticipated length of time having lived in the home.

Ratings between “0” and “10” usually indicate that an air conditioning or heating unit could still be repaired. Any rating between “11” and “19” determines that a replacement would be highly recommended but a repair would also still be an option. A numerical rating of “20” or higher would establish that a HVAC system needs to be replaced, and just trying to repair it is not recommended.

Another rating is from between “2” and “5” is also given according to how much money can be saved if a repair is conducted. Costs often are reduced by anywhere from $200 to more than $500 depending on how soon the fixes are performed.  When all aspects of air conditioning repair in Tampa are considered, the increased energy efficiency and lower utility costs are probably the two largest incentives for regular HVAC maintenance.


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