4 Tips on Making an AC Unit Last Longer

4 Tips on Making an AC Unit Last Longer

Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Air conditioning repair and maintenance professionals in Tampa are there for a reason, and homeowners would be wise to lean on their expertise regularly. That is, if the longevity of their AC unit is any sort of priority. Preventative air conditioning unit maintenance is the best way to keep the unit lasting as long as possible. Homeowners should get their unit professionally inspected, cleaned, and serviced in order to prevent any minute issues from expanding into a significant problem down the road.

Protect the Unit, and Keep it Cool

Homeowners should abstain from placing outdoor and indoor units where they will take in direct sunlight. Proximity to other heat-producing appliances should be avoided as well. Indoor units should be protected from the sun by drapes or heavy blinds, while outdoor units should ideally be installed under the shade of a tree or awning. However, when installing outdoor units, ensure that it is installed a safe distance away from areas where debris is regularly produced. Twigs and leaves, for instance, can potentially get stuck in the fan, significantly compromising the integrity of the machine. Ensure that the area around the unit is clear of twigs, leaves, grass clippings, dirt, and weeds. The outdoor unit condenser should also be regularly checked for mud. In order to maximize performance, the indoor coils of the unit should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Additionally, homeowners should check the drain lines for water pooling; if water seems to be collecting near it, it’s best to have the unit raised higher.

Remove All Blockages to Air Flow

Indoor air circulation must remain unobstructed in order for the unit to function optimally in the long run. The area near the return inlets and cooling vents should be clear of all obstacles, and any built-up dust around the dampers should be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, homeowners should makes ure that furniture and drapes aren’t getting in the way of airflow between rooms. If the air has a clear passage to flow through, the air conditioner won’t have to work harder to regulate pressure imbalances.

Inspect Air Ducts and Change Air Filters Regularly

If there are loose seams, obstructions, leaks, or gaps in the AC unit’s duct work, cool air can potentially escape before it has a chance to reach the rooms, meaning that the air conditioner will have to push harder to maintain comfort levels. All ducts should be checked regularly and any repairs should be handled immediately. Additionally, the air filters in the system are possibly the most crucial component when it comes to efficiency and performance. While AC professional service people will give the air filters a look during their inspection, homeowners should take it upon themselves to inspect and replace the air filters once every 1 – 3 months.

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