Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Preparing an air conditioner for summer use is an important part of regular air conditioner maintenance. Air conditioning units can get dirty and clogged during winter months which means less efficient cooling when it’s needed most. Following a few simple steps can have most home air conditioning units up and running in less than an hour. These steps will save the homeowner time and money over the course of the summer season.

Clean the Condenser Fins

The first and most important step is to clean the condenser fins. This can be done simply with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure the unit is disconnected from the main power supply and remove the metal cover from the outside of the unit. Gently vacuum each fin with a soft brush to remove dirt and debris. The fins are very fragile and can be easily bent. If there are one or two bent fins, the homeowner can straighten them with a fin comb or butter knife. If large areas of fins are bent, a professional should be called in to get the job done.

Once the fins are clean, unscrew the fan to access the interior of the condenser and vacuum and debris found on the inside. Once the condenser is clean, gently hose off the fins before replacing the metal cover.

Restart the Condenser

Once the metal cover has been replaced, restart the condenser by reconnecting it to the main power supply. Go inside the house and set the thermostat to a temperature that will cause the condenser to kick in. Make sure the thermostat has fresh batteries for an easy startup. Once the condenser is working, it’s time to change the furnace filter and replace with a new one. Replace the filter at regular intervals helps keep the air moving through the house and increases the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

Following these simple maintenance tips can keep an air conditioner working for many years. The principles of forced air furnaces and air conditioning units depend on the free flow of air. Keeping dust and debris from the outdoor equipment and changing the furnace filter regularly will help keep this equipment running smoothly and free from expensive repairs. When a unit needs more than regular maintenance, air conditioning installation in Tampa can help replace worn out units with new ones and provide repairs when necessary.


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