How to Fix 3 Common Air Conditioning Issues

How to Fix 3 Common Air Conditioning Issues

The System Blows Hot Air

If the system is blowing hot air, there are likely two potential sources to the problem:

Coolant – The refrigerant within the unit tends to run low over time, thus it might need some recharging. Conversely, there might be a leak in serious need of correction. It’s advised that homeowners call an air conditioning installation expert in Tampa over so that they can inspect the issue for themselves.

Air Flow – If the outdoor condenser gets blocked with debris, such as dirt, paper, or leaves, it might result in an impeded airflow that causes the unit to blow out hot air. If this is the case, the debris should be entirely removed, the surrounding and any affected internal equipment should be given a thorough cleaning, and the unit should then be tested once again.

The System Does Not Turn On (At All)

If the system doesn’t seem to turn on despite anything that the homeowner attempts, there can be several roots to the problem:

Breaker and Fuse – The circuit breaker shields all the wiring in a home in cases of a power surge. During a power surge, it’s possible that too much electricity passes through a home and will either kill a fuse or throw a breaker. If this occurs, the simple solution is either to reset the breaker or replace the fuse.

Thermostat – Inspect the thermostat to ensure that all settings appear to be correct. The “COOL” setting should be enabled and the temperature should be configured to be below the home’s current temperature. There are a variety of ways to set a thermostat, so it’s important to consult the thermostat manual on how best to work it.

Compressor – In order to find out whether the problem lies in the thermostat or compressor, homeowner’s should disconnect all power supply to the thermostat and effectively remove the outer covering. Select the wire from the “Y” terminal and connect it to the “R” terminal. If this results in the compressor coming back to life, then the issue lies with the thermostat.

Furnace – It’s possible that the furnace will get switched off from time to time. There might be a faulty or switched off outdoor condenser. In this case, the condenser should be either replaced or switched back on.

Leaking Water

If the system is leaking water, there are a few issue points homeowners can check themselves. First, verify whether the condensate pump is taking in power. If the power seems to be functional, verify the tubes and ensure that none of them show signs of leakage. If that doesn’t specify the issue, check the floating ball in the pump. This ball manages the water inside the pump, and should be floating at all times.

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