6 Tips on Maintaining Ductless Air Conditioners

6 Tips on Maintaining Ductless Air Conditioners

Respect Distance

Despite ductless air conditioners taking up less space, it’s best to allow an ample amount of room around the unit in order to allow it to function smoothly. Keep furniture and shelving away from the unit, as having them in close proximity would facilitate the accumulation of dust around it. Ideally, a distance of four feet between the unit and surrounding furniture should be respected.

Close Before Cleaning

Before cleaning the interior of the machine, ensure the system is switched off completely. This includes the in-home components as well as the exterior circuit switch. If the components are not switched off prior to cleaning, homeowner’s risk damaging them in the cleaning process or, even worse, electrocuting themselves as they work the unit. It’s best to allow the unit to cool down for a few minutes after shutting it off. Once the cleaning is done, give it a few minutes before turning it back on.

Maintain Clean Filters

Sometimes, an AC unit’s drastically decreased efficiency and hiked consumption costs are a direct result of unclean filters. It’s important for homeowners to clean the filters regularly in order to ensure that their unit runs optimally. The filters should be carefully removed and wiped clean with a dry cloth in order to remove any dust that has accumulated. If the filters seem too worn down or damaged to clean, they should be replaced immediately.

Clean the Pipes

The AC unit’s pipes should also be cleaned regularly. It isn’t uncommon for dirt, dust, and various other particles to get into the pipes and accumulate, effectively blocking the air from entering. Ultimately, this hampers the efficiency of the ductless air conditioners. It’s possible that the air ducts and pipes develop cracks or leaks over time, which will greatly affect how well they function.

Cleaning the Coils

Clean coils play a central part in a ductless air conditioning unit’s functionality. It’s important to keep the coils clean from all debris. Homeowners should use their garden hose to spray the unit down, making sure that the fins don’t show any signs of bending. Finish off by dusting off the remaining debris by hand, ensuring that the unit is dry to the bone before turning it back on.

Call for Regular Professional Inspection

It’s advised that homeowners lean on the services provided by their Tampa air conditioning company. Ideally, a professional inspector should be called over once a year to have a look at the AC unit. While it’s possible (even likely) that a homeowner will miss crucial points during their inspection, it’s safe to assume that the professional AC service person will not. As with hiring all contractors, it’s advised that homeowners select proven, reputable AC service people to inspect their ductless air conditioning system.

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