Managing humidity levels inside a home

Managing humidity levels inside a home

It does not matter what type of climate a home is in, humidity can have a huge impact on the comfort of those inside the home. Some regions of the world there is little to no humidity, while others have high levels of moisture in the air. Heating and air conditioning units can be used to help regulate the levels of humidity. That is if they are functioning properly. These units used with a few other tricks can help keep humidity levels within a home bearable.


Not only does the HVAC system in a home help with moisture levels, it needs to have proper levels of humidity in the home to function efficiently. It is a good idea to keep humidity levels within a home above 30 percent. Some say, 40 to 50 percent is best, but that is sometimes too much for some people to be comfortable in.


Using a humidifier can help increase the moisture levels in a home. This is perfect for homes in dryer climates. Running a humidifier can help those in the home with health issues, such as clearing up the sinuses. Entire home humidifier systems can be installed to help with a home moisture levels.

Live plants

Live houseplants can help add moisture in the air of a home. In addition to plants, some homeowners add water basins near their heating systems to introduce extra water into the air.


Those who live in areas with high humidity in the air will benefit from running a dehumidifier in their home. This unit will remove any extra moisture from the air, helping improve the overall air quality. Dehumidifiers should be emptied regularly to ensure they are efficiently working.

Other options

Routine vacuuming and changing of the HVAC filters can also help to maintain lower moisture levels. If humidity within a home is still high, installing exhaust fans in high moisture rooms, such as the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms, can help control moisture levels.

All homeowners should be concerned with the levels of humidity within their home. There are some things that can be done to help, including the use of heating and air conditioning units. If these units are not functioning properly, it might be necessary to contact air conditioning companies in the Tampa area.



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