4 Tips on Selecting the Right Ceiling Fan

4 Tips on Selecting the Right Ceiling Fan

While homeowners have their Tampa air conditioning companies to thank for taking care of the bulk of their comfort needs, having a few alternative ventilation and cooling options on-hand can go a long way in trimming energy consumption costs. Aside from air conditioning systems, ceiling fans are one of the best ways to keep a home cool and fresh. For homeowners currently on the market for a fan, here are the important things to consider.




Ceiling height is an essential point of consideration when selecting a new ceiling fan. A general rule is to keep in mind is that the fan blades should be approximately 8 feet away from the floor. Certain fans come with various mounting options which allow them to be installed in virtually all areas of a home. Homeowners should measure the height of their ceiling in order to determine the mounting configuration that will be most suitable for their space.


There are two main mounting options:


Downrod Mount – Produced for rooms with 8-foot high ceilings or higher.


Flush Mount – Produced for low ceiling rooms that require a low profile. These ceiling fans are mounted flush to the ceiling and come with no additional attachment.




While one might think that the shape and build of a ceiling fan’s blades play a large part in its utility, but this isn’t the case. The blades actually play more of a design role than anything else. The way the fan moves air is through the pitch of the blades, which is independent of its look. Homeowners can simply choose whatever they’re more aesthetically pulled to when it comes to a ceiling fan’s blades. Certain fan models come with reversible blades, each with two different finishes. This way, if homeowners ever grow weary of seeing the same finish on their blades, they can simply reverse them and expose a fresh finish.


Finishes and Styles


There are plenty to choose from when it comes to ceiling fans. Most fans offered today come with adjustable speeds as well as an option for reverse airflow, which helps to heat during colder periods. Some models also come with remote controls.


When it comes to choosing the right finishing, as always, it’s important to incorporate a visual element that flows well with the home’s design. For instance, if the cabinet hardware and door handles are in polished copper, a ceiling fan with a contemporary finish would work well. Here are some popular ceiling fan finishes for the fan blades and base:


– Oil-rubbed bronze

– Brushed nickel

– Matte black

– Antique bronze

– Polished pewter

– Mink

– Auburn

– Black

– Natural

– Java




Pre-assembled fans offer the easiest installation. The manufacturer’s installation instructions will be a homeowner’s friend here, offering step-by-step direction and caution information. If the installation grows troublesome at any point, homeowners should contact a qualified electrician for a consultation.

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