The Importance of an Annual Furnace Inspection

The Importance of an Annual Furnace Inspection

Inspecting and Replacing Furnace Filter


Homeowners should note that a clogged furnace filter will have no effect in filtering the home’s air supply, thus greatly reducing the furnace’s overall efficiency. That’s why it’s important for the furnace filter to be checked periodically in order to ensure that nothing is blocking it.


Inspecting Venting System for Blockages, Leaks, and Holes


A Tampa AC service contractor will inspect the furnace ducts to see if there are any crushed or disconnected sessions during an annual checkup. He or she will inspect the full length of the ductwork for all seal leaks. When detected, the contractor will repair the leak with a duct mastic sealant. Homeowners often attempt this repair themselves, though they tend to find themselves unsure of how to access the ducts, or effectively make the repairs when locating the issue. This is why contracting a professional serviceperson is the best option. It’s possible for the ducts to be blocked ductwork insulation that has been improperly installed. The insulation could have gotten in and blown pieces of debris such as that which comes from old furnace filters. If this isn’t cleared as soon as possible, it might impact energy efficiency. By having a furnace contractor come by annually to conduct a comprehensive duct cleaning, homeowners can rest assured knowing that there are no clogged vents in the unit, and that it is running at the highest possible efficiency level.


Inspecting Heat Exchanger for Rust, Cracks, Etc.


A crack in the heart exchanger may lead to a pilot or burner light to be blown out, which will ultimately result in no heat output. Large cracks in particular could get in the way of a steady flame in the furnace or can cause the burner flames to lunge out from the opening of the burner. In the very worst cases, large cracks can cause death since they allow poisonous carbon monoxide gas to fill the home. Annual furnace inspections can catch these cracks before they grow too large, effectively replacing the faulty components.


Ensure That all Heat Vents Are Unblocked


It’s important for homeowners to remove items such as furniture that surrounds their heat vents in order to ensure even, unobstructed airflow within the home. Additionally, homeowners should clean and remove dust from baseboard heaters and vents.


Inspecting Burner for Damage (or Dirt)


If the burners appear to be dirty, and are failing to fire up in the right sequence, the probable solution is a good cleaning. Thankfully, this is a step that homeowners can save some money on by taking on themselves. In most cases, a simple vacuum or toothbrush is enough to clean the burners.


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