AC Servicing for Increased Unit Lifespan

AC Servicing for Increased Unit Lifespan

Air conditioning maintenance ensures an AC unit and its associated parts remain in efficient condition for the lifespan of the machine. Over time, an air conditioner will experience reductions in overall energy efficiency and cooling power. However, adhering to recommended maintenance schedules may reduce the rate at which the machine ages.

An air conditioner that isn’t serviced regularly will not only offer reduced cooling capacity, but it will also use more energy at the same time.

Scheduling Regular Inspections of AC Units

A business owner or homeowner with an air conditioner on the premises should keep the area around the exterior AC unit clear of brush at all times. Replacement or cleaning of AC filters also ensures peak efficiency of the unit. During AC service in Tampa, a building or home owner may need to replace certain parts of the system to ensure it remains efficient and unstressed by hot and humid conditions.

Air conditioning installation and repair professionals often recommend a yearly inspection of AC components. Heavy users of AC systems may need to increase the frequency of inspections to twice a year. An AC inspection before summer begins ensures the unit is ready to provide maximum cooling during the hottest months of the year. A second inspection before winter ensures timely replacement or repair of any components that may have become worn out during the summer.

Replacing an Old Air Conditioning Unit

The federal government regularly updates guidelines for energy efficiency and air conditioning units. Modern air conditioning manufacturers increase the efficiency of their units with each new generation of machines. Because it’s not possible for most home and business owners to replace their air conditioners every year to take advantage of new, efficient machines, regular maintenance becomes essential for maintaining an air conditioner that works well.

In most cases, the decision to replace an air conditioning unit will come after 15 to 20 years of use. A well-maintained air conditioner may last for more than 20 years, and a poorly maintained unit may only last ten years before it requires complete replacement. Some of the tasks AC service may cover will include cleaning the filters to prevent a dirty evaporator coil and condenser coil, as well as removing leaves and dirt from the exterior of an outside AC unit.

Ensuring the AC unit remains as clean and dirt-free as possible is the best way to maintain its lifespan and efficiency and prevent the need for early replacement.


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