How AC Service Can Prolong the Life of the Unit

How AC Service Can Prolong the Life of the Unit

Air conditioners and furnaces keep the temperature in the house comfortable all year long. However, these units aren’t meant to last forever. They have a finite lifespan, typically between 10 and 15 years. After that, it’s time to upgrade and replace. Newer, more energy-efficient units are often better for the environment and for the homeowner’s wallet, since these can lower energy bill costs each month.

However, some homeowners may have noticed that they didn’t quite get 10 or 15 years out of their AC unit. Instead, it started having issues after maybe five years, and by eight years old, it was kaput. Why? At that point, the homeowner had no choice but to shell out a lot of money for a replacement. Could they have done something differently?

Actually, yes. An AC service company in Tampa, Florida can keep an air conditioning unit running at its best for longest with maintenance. These units aren’t just installed and expected to run optimally for a decade or more. They are located outside, often in the backyard, and are susceptible to environmental conditions like rain, snow, and dust and debris. Everything from dirt to leftover branches to small rocks and even mud can get packed in the delicate parts of the AC unit.

That’s why these need regular maintenance, where a trained technician comes out a few times a year to clean the unit. The air conditioner will run better. In fact, sometimes what seems like a big issue with the unit can be fixed with a bit of maintenance. With clean fans and other parts, the air conditioner can start and stop without noise and can cool down all rooms in the house evenly.

So can’t a homeowner just do this maintenance themselves? No. The parts in an air conditioning unit are small and intricate. Without expert knowledge about how all these parts work and how to clean them, the homeowner is at risk of accidentally breaking the AC. It’s best to leave this job to the pros.

With annual maintenance, a homeowner may discover they can get at least 10 years out of their AC unit, sometimes even 15. When it comes time to replace this unit, they can shop carefully and slowly since they won’t be in a rush. They can make the best decision about an air conditioner that will work well and won’t suck up too much energy. To learn more or schedule air conditioning maintenance today, contact a Tampa AC service company.

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